Values and Process

Our work is centred on core values:


We work alongside and with you, giving and receiving effective feedback as a tool to enhance our collaboration



Clarity of thinking

You are the expert on you and your organisation, but skillful analysis of information will enhance your understanding of the challenges and the most effective tools to unlock the potential in your organisation




We will challenge and support you to tackle problems and difficulties … assertively, speedily and effectively … and we are prepared to be challenged by the assignments on which we are invited to become a partner





A vital component of our process is the acknowledgment and understanding of emotional reactions … this is often extraordinarily powerful in overcoming resistance, supporting progress and managing the transition to the deployment of effective new skills.


We base our work on a number of core models, which have been extensively researched over several decades, that focus on the enduring challenges of business life. These include the complexity of organisations, the impact of change and the key components of effective relationships and leadership.


We favour graphic models, which appeal to main way in which we acquire information in everyday life … these are designed to be memorable, adaptable and transferable. We have many, and we adapt or enhance them for each situation.